Loma Sibo is at the crossroad of a variety of surf spots. The property is only 4 kilometers away from the beaches of Montezuma and Cabuya. The spot of Los Cedros, near Cabuya, offers a large and perfect wave suitable for intermediates and good surfers. From Montezuma it takes a 30mn walk on the beach and in the jungle to reach Playa Grande where a very consistent wave, makes it easy on beginners. The property is also 25 minutes drive from the shores of Mal Pais, where you may surf the world-class breaks of Playa Santa Teresa. Montezuma’s bay is also perfect for both beginner and advanced paddlers. The spot has some ideal “Learn to Paddle Surf” waves and has great Flatwater Learn to Paddle” areas; it is also very close to naturally Protected shores.



Dolphins of many types are seen in the waters along the coast of Montezuma, from August to January whales come there to birth their baby. Seat turtles also choose this area to lay their eggs, volunteers at the Conservation Program on the Montezuma beach will tell you all about it. Scuba diving is not the reason why nature lovers come to the area but it may be an exciting experience if you happen to swim amongst a school of sardines or encounter rainbow like octopus. However amazing exotic fishes are spotted in the waters of Tortuga Island if you are up for a half-day sea tour.

Montezuma waterfall by Jonathan Greeley 


Montezuma is known for its rivers. From shallow streams strolling down the jungle, to hidden jacuzzis carved in the rocks and powerful waterfalls, all you need is there to cool off in fresh water. You will find a detailed map with access to all in Loma Sibo.


Many beaches of Montezuma are not accessible by road. Therefore; horseback riding on the shores is a very special treat. The region is the land of Costa Rican cowboys, they ride Criollos, an iron breed of horse, known for its handiness and endurance. There is many tours to opted from: on the beaches with the waves crashing at your feet, in the prairies surrounded with chlorophyll or towards the rivers to get a fresh bath when getting to the waterfall of La Florida.


The Canopy Trails “A journey over the mountains of Montezuma with 13 platforms, a suspension bridge 30 meters high, between trees and 9 cables of various sizes, with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and ending at the majestic river Montezuma, right at the famous waterfalls where you can take a dip. » remains a very popular trip for all family members, of all ages. 



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